14 April

9.15 Opening and welcome
9.30 Adrenal disorders
  Chair: Anu Ambos, Estonia
  Primary Aldosteronism; from Gerome Conn to 2016
Anders Palmstrøm Jørgensen, Norway
  Diagnosis and personalized treatment of Addison’s disease
Eystein S. Husebye, Norway
  Long-acting hydrocortisone in the management of adrenal failure
Anna Nilsson, Sweden
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Diabetes I
  Chair: Valdis Pīrāgs, Latvia
  Genetic backround of overweight and diabetes
Tõnu Esko, Estonia
  Latent autoimmune diabetes
Anneli Björklund, Sweden
  Diabetes influence on health care resources usage in multimorbid subjects in Lithuania. CHRODIS-JA project results
Zydrune Visockiene, Lithuania
13.00 Lunch and posters
14.00 Update of endocrine disorders
  Chair: Anders Jørgensen, Norway
  Update on diagnosis and management of acromegaly
Ansgar Heck, Norway
  Current management of Turner syndrome
Birute Zilaitiene, Lithuania
  How to approach men with hypogonadism
Ugis Gruntmanis, USA
15.30 Coffee
15.50 Diabetes II: management of type 2 diabetes
  Chair: Zydrune Visockiene, Lithuania
  Pharmacogenomics of metformin
Valdis Pīrāgs, Latvia
  Cardiovascular safety of sulfonylureas -Meta-analysis of head-to-head trials
Vallo Volke, Estonia
  Renal protection with glucose lowering agents, effects beyond glucose reduction?
Peter Rossing, Denmark
17.20 Free time
20.00 Conference dinner at the Olde Hansa restaurant
(Vana Turg 1, Tallinn Old Town)


15 April

8.30 Hot topics in paediatric endocrinology I
  Chair: Vallo Tillmann, Estonia
  Current approach of vitamin D insufficiency in children
Robertas Kemezys, Lithuania
  Children's obesity programm - the Latvian experience
Jurgita Gailite, Latvia
  Monogenic diabetes - what is all about?
Rasa Verkauskiene, Lithuania
10.00 Coffee
10.30 Latest in thyroidology 10.30 Hot topics in paediatric endocrinology II
  Chair: Ilze Konrade, Latvia   Chair: Robertas Kemezys
  Making a meaningful difference - iodine supplementation based on survey data 
Ilze Konrade, Latvia

‘DIABIMMUNE study -  what we have learned so far about the hygiene hypothesis in type 1 diabetes
Aleksandr Peet, Estonia

  Using the TIRAD system to characterize thyroid nodules
Peteris Prieditis, Latvia

Incidence of childhood-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus among Estonian children in 2007–2014, time trend analysis 1983–2014
Kaire Heilman, Estonia

  Translational research project in reproductive biomedicine - "Happy pregnancy"                       
Maris Laan, Estonia
  Growth hormone therapy in Children's Clinic of Tartu University Hospital – a 12-year experience
Vallo Tillmann, Estonia
12.00 Lunch and posters
12.45 Update in endocrine disorders II
  Chair: Charlotte Höybye, Sweden
12.45 Update on Osteoporosis
Ieva Ruža, Latvia
13.10 The length of the CAG and GGN repeat stretches in the AR gene exert independent and combinatorial effects on reproductive hormones and sperm parameters
Marina Grigorova, Estonia
13.30 Determination of dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate in patients from Lithuania (2014) and no clinical consequences of results
Mazvydas Uzkurnys, Lithuania
13.50 Metmorfin ameliorates in-vitro glycation induced modifications of albumin along with reduced glycation, oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in type 2 diabetes patients
Krishna Adeshara, India
14.10 Coffee
14.30 Interactive cases in endocrinology, paediatric endocrinology and diabetes
  Chair: Ugis Gruntmanis, USA
  Case report of 46,XY DSD
Jekaterina Haritonova, Estonia
  Severe muscular hypotonia in infant with Allan Herndon Dudley syndrome
Aleksandr Peet, Estonia
  Decreased sensitivity to growth hormone therapy in a boy with Noonan syndrome due to PTPN11 gene mutation 
Ingrida Albuzyte, Lithuania
  Young man with isolated adrenal failure
Ingrid Reppo, Estonia
  Differential diagnosis of hypercortisolism may be difficult
Mart Roosimaa, Estonia
16.00 Closing